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iPad in Academic Institutes – III

August 13, 2010

As the schools are gearing up for another academic year, it does look like the iPad is gaining a foothold in the academic circles (see news here and here), the device is now becoming more visible in many institutions. This is in spite of the fact that recent studies showing evidence that students transfer bad study habits from paper to screen.

No doubt the iPad holds the advantage over expensive text books and bulky backpacks, besides, teachers and students have long constituted an important market for its manufacturer. The iPad has now proven to be a good replacement for paper. Not every undergraduate and high school is ready yet, since only a tiny fraction of the content is in a compatible format (one schools only found 6 out of 200 text books) but there is hope that most will be available in the next two years.

As for journal articles, few academic blogs are to be full of praise for this device. Researchers seem to be pretty satisfied reading pdf versions on the iPad – read their experiences here, here, here, here, here and a journal editor’s.

“Papers”, an app that presents a way to view and manage the scientific library. Pdf annotation and note support apps are making the device more useful.

In all this excitement one wonders about the affordability of the iPad. Now there is news about of cheaper clones:  GenTouch and Zenithnk ePad and sure the price of iPad is going to come down … hopefully soon.

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