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July 19, 2010


Almost 3 years after opening the global gateway for scientific information, the real-time the searching and translation tool is officially released in beta last month. DoE’s OSTI operates the search interface on behalf of the WorldWideScience Alliance. The Alliance’s other major players include British Library, NRC Canada, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, ICSTI and a dozen other national laboratories around the world. Microsoft Research donated its technology that allows translation into one of nine languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian). Deep Web Technologies provided the federated searching technology that allows real time search across over 60 global, multi-lingual scientific literature databases covering some 400 million pages of science.

I ran a sample search to test the site looking for literature on ‘Liquid semiconductors’ . The result list looks impressive enough; the page looks similar to the ISI WoS with the left margin options (labeled Clusters) for narrowing the result set. ‘Summary of all results’ option shows the list of sources for the result set. There is an alert option as well. I also noticed titles like the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan and Chinese Physics Letters. Here are a few highlights of my search:

  • Navigating through a link to Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications stops me at the abstract page
  • Link to an article in the Barzilian J of Physics ends me on the full article
  • A link to the German publication lands me on the full item record in the source search engine with no navigation to the original article (a sort of dead end but on a second thought this item is probably a book or monograph, there is no resource type in the Clusters)
  • A link to an article in Russian stops me with a message that the resource request is not from a developing country
  • A link to an article in RSC Chemical Society Reviews stops me at the British Library Direct door step
  • JJAP article link takes me to the abstract page
  • Overall the test is not bad but the WorldWideScience could have done more within the three year product development period. However there are some advantages over my favorite GoogleScholar – clustering, deep web search and translation. Hopefully the site will mature over time as it tries to achieve its stated objective.

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