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Scitable – a Learning and Teaching Aid

May 14, 2010

Mashable, the popular online guide to social media, recently selected Scitable as one of the 6 Free Websites for Learning and Teaching Science.

If genetics and evolution are of interest to you, Scitable is a must-see resource. This free (paid for by sponsorships from brands) science library acts as a classroom resource as well as a personal learning tool. The site comes from Nature Publishing Group, a reputable publisher of science-related materials. Users can pursue topics in learning paths or build online classrooms of their own. The site has an “ask the expert” feature that is staffed by four internal PhDs who help students answer series of questions with a turnaround time of less than 48 hours. Most importantly, the articles and information on this site are peer-reviewed for journal-level quality.

Scitable also includes Student Voices, a blog about science by students, for students. On the Physics side, IoP’s and APS’s come close in comparison, but seem to me, they are not there yet as classroom learning tools. Any one sees an action item for AIP….I believe we have AAPT on our side.

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