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Google in Today’s Headlines

February 18, 2010

Amazing how much energy/resources/money Google has these days; today’s headlines has three entries on Google:

  • Google helps limit online access
  • Google donates $2 million to support Wikipedia
  • Google Opens Up ‘Living Stories’

The FT story is interesting – I visit the site sometimes to download analysis/news stories on STM publishing and they are very useful. The, which until few years ago operated fully under a paywall, operates under a third-way model that, regardless of search spiders, gives one free article and another nine to signed-up free members. (I am in the latter group). Google now offers limits to publishers, the number of paid stories readers can view after clicking its search results, is taking it up on the offer. I think this is very useful for publishers focusing on potential subscribers and AIP should watch how the STM publishers will respond to this Google implementation.

Google did another good deed donating to Wikipedia; that’s great, now we don’t have to donate, doesn’t that make each of us richer by ten dollars.

Living stories is interesting as well. Google is now “open sourcing the format—which features a summary of recent developments related to a news topic, along with a timeline, on a single page—so that any publisher can adopt it.”  The interesting thing I see is that there is no URL to build or host while maintaining the product branding (watch the video for details). We could get ideas watching this experiment to implement when the Ontology gets ready, hopefully by the summer.

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